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More Info about Zangskari Nuns

Essays by Dr. Kim Gutschow

The Women Who Refuse to Be Exchanged (PDF)
Yeshe's Tibetan Pilgrimage and the Founding of a Himalayan Nunnery (PDF)
The Delusion of Gender and Renunciation in Buddhist Kashmir (PDF)
The Politics of Being Buddhist in Zangskar: Partition and Today (PDF)
How Buddhist Renunciation Produces Difference (PDF)
What Makes a Nun? Apprenticeship and Ritual Passage in Zangskar, North India (PDF)

Book by Dr. Kim Gutschow

Being a Buddhist Nun: The Struggle for Enlightenment in the Himalayas
published by the Harvard University Press (2004)

Preview the Preface and Chapter 1: Gendering Monasticism (PDF)

Essay by Lauren Galvin: Life in a Zangskari Nunnery (PDF)

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Donors and Supporters

Gaden Relief Projects - supports education, ritual expenses, appropriate technology, health, and community action at all 10 ZNA nunneries. Gaden Relief Projects has been working in Zangskar since 1991, supported the founding of the ZNA, and has worked closely with the ZNA since its beginning.

Jamyang Foundation - supports education programs and ritual expenses at nine ZNA nunneries.

Khachodling - provides financial and spiritual support to the Sani Khachod Ling.

Health Inc - funded the workshops and initial finances for a small solar lantern business at Sani Khachod Ling where nuns build and sell portable solar-charged lanterns.

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Other Organizations in Ladakh/Zangskar

Ladakh Nuns Association - aims to raise the education level of Ladakhi nuns and to give them a way to study and practice the Dharma; LNA also wishes to reach out to lay women to provide spiritual education and guidance.

Women's Alliance of Ladakh - aims to raise the status of rural women and strengthen local culture and agriculture.

Förderverein Sani Zanskar e.V. - a German organization that provides help and support for the education and health care of the people in Sani and Zanskar.

Stichting Zanskar Scholen (Zangskar Schools Foundation) - a Dutch organization that promotes and supports education in Zanskar.

Lamdon Model School - a school in Zangskar sponsored by a French NGO in order to permit the children of the school to benefit from a quality education in their own environment.

Association Rigzen Zangskar - a Swiss NGO that manages and supports Marpa Ling School and other development projects in Zangskar.

Shambhala e.V. - a German group that supports the Jamyang Ling school in the town of Reru, Zangskar.

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Academic Resources

International Association for Ladakh Studies

The Tibetan and Himalayan Library

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