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Projects - Overview
Current/Future Projects
2010 Project Accomplishments
2009 Project Accomplishments
2007 Survey and Needs Assessment


Current/Future Projects

Completion of Washroom/Toilet at Manda

The washroom/toilet begun in 2009 will require additional funding to be completed. In coming years the Manda nuns hope to construct a new kitchen (they are using the small room attached to the front of their prayer hall at the moment) and to that they would like to attach a passive solar room for winter study and ritual. This type of two room passive solar project will cost over 100,000 Indian rupees.



Passive Solar Room at Tungri

The nuns would like to begin the construction of a passive solar room, similar to the one constructed at Skyagam Nunnery. LeDEG (Ladakh Ecological Development Group) has agreed to sponsor one layer of glass for the windows and the window frames for any passive solar room that is constructed in the summer of 2011. This cuts back the price of such a project significantly. However, the nunnery's water pipe system was completed in the fall of 2010, carrying water to their nunnery from the mountain stream above. If this water pipe has been properly insulated within the ground, it might still be necessary to construct a passive solar water house, similar to that constructed at Karsha, to prevent the exit source of the water at the nunnery from freezing. The nuns will have to determine during the winter whether such a passive water house will be necessary in order to provide the nuns with water year round.


Rock wall at Sani

Building a rock wall around the Sani Nunnery remains a very crucial and immediate need of the nuns in order to secure their plantation land. Although a large area of fencing was completed in 2010, the nuns will need to build another approximately 700-800 feet of fencing in order to fully secure their plantation potential.




Greenhouse and Washroom Upgrade at Karsha

Future needs of the Karsha nuns include the construction of a greenhouse and tile fitting in their washroom. The nuns began to prepare the foundation for a greenhouse in 2010. The nuns might receive full funding for their commercial size greenhouse from the local government, particularly with the help of Executive Councilor Phuntsok Tashi, because the government is now funding commercial size greenhouses throughout the Kargil district. Additionally, LEHO (Ladakh Ecology and Health Organization) has agreed to donate the two ventilators, the door and the window for their greenhouse, along with plastic sheeting. Unfortunately the weather became too cold for the nuns to build their greenhouse in 2010. Therefore, the nuns plan on building their greenhouse in late spring 2011 when the weather is appropriate and when the Leh-Kargil-Zangskar roads open and the nuns can bring in the materials noted above from LEHO in Leh.


Fencing and Greenhouse at Dorje Dzong

The Dorje Dzong nuns hope to purchase more wire fencing and wooden poles in order to completely encompass their fields with fencing, similar to that started in 2010. Other future needs include a greenhouse, as the nuns have the prefect space for such a project and an easily accessible water source. However, because many of the Dorje Dzong nuns are elderly and all are above 40 years of age and suffer from various health problems, any new project at Dorje Dzong must be well thought out to ensure the nuns will be able to participate in some way towards the construction and also the maintenance of a project such as a greenhouse.


Glass Room at Bya

Future needs at Bya Nunnery include the construction of a glass room attached to the south side of their kitchen. For such a project, the nuns will need to construct only two walls and whether these walls will need to be double walled with insulation is an issue to be determined. One of the two south facing glass windows may be provided for free by LeDEG along with the wooden window frame, reducing the cost of their glass room significantly. Transportation of materials to Bya Nunnery is expensive and labor intensive, but given the small size of the room, the materials possibly donated by LeDEG, and the fact that only two more walls will need to be constructed, such a room should not be cost prohibitive.


Completion of Passive Solar Room at Zangla

Future funding will be used for the completion of the Zangla nuns' passive solar room which was begun in 2010.


Greenhouse and Building Repairs at Pishu

The Pishu nuns hope to repair their greenhouse, which collapsed recently and needs major repair work. Additionally, the Pishu nuns will have to slowly work on the renovation of several of their buildings, including the rooms around their prayer hall. Some of the wooden support and roof beams need replacement. Whether they should renovate these buildings first or build a passive solar room (which every nunnery would benefit greatly from) is something that will be discussed during the summer. But just like at every other nunnery, a passive solar room is a very expensive and demanding project that the nuns will have to be deeply committed to, and such is a project that only one or two nunneries per year or every two years will be able to do if funding is available.

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