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2007 Survey/Needs Assessment

During July and August 2007 an American volunteer, Jennifer O'Boyle, visited nine of the 10 ZNA nunneries at the request of Dr. Kim Gutschow, advisor to ZNA. Most of the nunnery visits were undertaken with Skalzang Lhamo, President of ZNA, and Lauren Galvin, field advisor to ZNA. A needs assessment survey was conducted at each nunnery, except for Chumig Gyartse Namtak Choling. The assessment aimed to determine the needs for future funding by interviewing the nuns and surveying the facilities to better understand the conditions under which the nuns live and study.

The nunneries all received advance notice about the survey visit, except for two nunneries which were visited on two separate occasions – the first time without advance notice and the second with notice. The goal was to have all members of the nunnery present during these visits, but at all nunneries there were a few to several nuns who were absent.

It is also important to note that the interviews with the nuns required an interpreter (usually Lauren) or in some cases two interpreters of different languages and as a result there may have been some misunderstandings during the interviews. There were also situations where the nuns' answers were contradictory or confusing and for two nunneries that were visited twice, a few answers (or perhaps the translation) changed completely between the first and second visit.

Read the detailed survey results (PDF).

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