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Zangskar Nunneries

Member nunneries of Zangskar Nuns Association:

  1. Karsha Chuchikjall Kachod Grubling
  2. Pishu Namgyal Choling
  3. Zangla Byangchub Choling
  4. Rizhing Dorje Dzong
  5. Tungri Phuntsog Ling
  6. Sani Kachod Ling
  7. Skyagam Phagmo Ling
  8. Manda Padma Choling
  9. Bya Dolma Choling
  10. Chumig Gyartse Namtak Choling



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Manda Padma Choling

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Manda Padma Choling is a relatively new nunnery located very close to the village and the main road. The nunnery is comprised of seven young nuns and the buildings are 6 to 7 years old. The nuns built a prayer hall and continue to expand this building with new construction. There is no kitchen and the nuns have created an awkward cooking space in the enclosed entrance to the prayer hall. Presently all the residential cells are shared until the families of the youngest nuns build new rooms for them. The three youngest nuns attend school in the village during the day.

There is no philosophy teacher available to the nuns, although a few nuns studied for a short while at Skyagam when there was a monk from South India in residence there. Manda has electricity but like all villages in Zangskar, electricity is very unreliable. The nuns often depend on small solar lanterns made by and purchased from the Sani nuns and a larger lantern supplied by Gaden Relief Projects. Most of their food comes from their families and the nuns spend 1 to 2 days per week helping their families in the village. Prayer sessions are held on a daily, monthly and annual basis. The nuns have a strong desire to expand the nunnery and get a teacher, but in the short term they are in need of prayer books and supplies to complete the prayer hall.


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