View of Zangskar Valley
Zangskar Nunneries

Member nunneries of Zangskar Nuns Association:

  1. Karsha Chuchikjall Kachod Grubling
  2. Pishu Namgyal Choling
  3. Zangla Byangchub Choling
  4. Rizhing Dorje Dzong
  5. Tungri Phuntsog Ling
  6. Sani Kachod Ling
  7. Skyagam Phagmo Ling
  8. Manda Padma Choling
  9. Bya Dolma Choling
  10. Chumig Gyartse Namtak Choling



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Bya Dolma Choling

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Bya Dolma Choling is very small and isolated. Comprised of five young nuns, the nunnery is a 2 to 3 days walk from the main Zangskar valley and is even a 45 minute walk from the nuns' village along a narrow cliff-side trail. The nunnery itself is perched precariously up against a giant rock outcrop; they selected this site because an image of Tara appears in the rock. The nuns are very determined to expand their nunnery, but most villagers will not allow their daughters to become nuns because there is no education available at the nunnery. In 2007 the nuns, with the help of their families, built a new prayer hall and the nuns are quite desperate to complete it with carpets, paint, prayer books and butter lamps, but they have no source of money other than donations from Gaden Relief Projects and the Jamyang Foundation.

The nuns engage in daily, monthly and annual prayer rituals and they are eager to obtain more prayer books to expand their knowledge. There is no electricity and they have only one solar panel, a solar lantern from Leh and 4 small solar lamps made by and purchased from the Sani nuns. During the summer of 2010 the Bya nuns constructed a small kitchen next to their prayer hall. They wish in the future to attach a passive solar room to the front of their kitchen for winter study and ritual.


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