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At this time, the Zangskar Nuns Association is unable to accept donations directly. If you would like to help the Zangskari nuns, we encourage you to donate to the Gaden Relief Projects' Zangskar Project. Gaden Relief Projects has been supporting nuns in Zangskar since 1991 and funding is generally distributed annually for projects at ZNA nunneries.

Donations made to Gaden Relief Projects will directly support the ten nunneries who are members of the Zangskar Nuns Association. In addition to basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing, donations help fund special projects such as greenhouses, solar energy, compost toilets, smokeless stoves and health training.

Gaden Relief Projects is a Canadian registered charity (85585 4972 RR0001) based in Toronto, Canada. They have a sterling record of putting over 95% of donations to work. You are assured that your donation will be put to maximum effect to help the Zangskari nuns.



Please donate to Gaden Relief Projects:

Clicking on the DONATE NOW button will open a new window
for the Gaden Relief Projects website. Please select
Zangskar Nunnery Project (India)

from the list of projects.

Donate Now

Or send a personal check or money order to:

Gaden Relief Projects
637 Christie St
Toronto, ON M6G 3E6

Please clearly indicate on your check that the donation is for the "Zangskar Nuns Project."