Contact Us

For general inquiries about ZNA, please contact:

Dr. Kim Gutschow, General Advisor to ZNA

Lauren Galvin, Field Advisor to ZNA, Phone: +91 9469727709

** Please note that response to email may be delayed due to travel and/or limited access to the internet.**

If you are in Ladakh and need assistance, please contact:

Ven. Skalzang Lhamo, ZNA President
Karsha Khachod Grubling Nunnery, Zangskar
Phone: +91 9469734728 (Ladakhi and Tibetan languages only)

Sri Pali, Assistant to ZNA Treasurer Sri Konchog Dolma
Karsha Village, Zangskar
Phone: +91 9469290976



To Make a Donation:

Please see our Donate page for information about how to help the nuns.



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